Parliamentary Pro-Life Week in Review

It was awesome to journey to Parliament Hill during this Holy Week for the first-ever Parliamentary Pro-Life Week. We experienced much encouragement and fellowship in our ongoing fight for life, family, and freedom in Canada. It was a real blessing to be in Ottawa! This Pro-Life Week was hosted by the Pro-Life Caucus – a group of around 30 pro-life MPs from all across Canada. […]

CSW Final Report

The 62nd annual UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62) is now over. It was a tough battle. I want to share with you some highlights of what took place, who won, and who lost. CSW is an event ostensibly designed to improve the lot of women around the world. However, various secular and leftist entities try to commandeer this event to their own […]

CSW62 Mid-Week Report

We are mid-way through the final week at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York. Negotiations are still underway as countries hash out the wording on the official report. This report will set the agenda for international policy and aid. We anticipate some sort of consensus to be reached by Friday. Therefore, these last few days are critical as we seek […]

CitizenGO Africa at CSW62

Ann Kioko, our African CitizenGO Campaign Manager, made a compelling presentation to the US Ambassador and State Department representatives today at the United Nations. Here is the text of her speech: I thank you madam ambassador and panel for this opportunity. I work with a non-profit called CitizenGO as the Campaign Manager in Africa. I have grown up in Central Kenya, in a very rural […]

Stopping the Leftist Agenda at the CSW62

Every year, the United Nations hosts an event called the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). This year’s CSW will be held from March 12th to 23rd in New York City. On the surface, this event claims to focus on helping rural women with their unique struggles and hardships. However, beneath the surface, we find the real agenda. Organizers are demanding: • abortion as […]

9,000,000 Strong

CitizenGO has just surpassed a milestone: We now have over 9,000,000 active citizens taking part in our various petitions around the world. That means an even more powerful voice for life, family, and freedom here in Canada and globally. We thank God for each one of you! Together we are changing the world.

Exposing the Lies of the Transsexual Movement

What medical treatment do you know of that carries with it an attempted suicide rate of 40 to 50%? What type of quack procedure is that? If there were such a “treatment”, it would surely be stopped, as every common sense person would agree, it causes more harm than good. Not so when it comes to the so-called medical treatment of gender reassignment surgery! An […]