Stopping the Leftist Agenda at the CSW62

Every year, the United Nations hosts an event called the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). This year’s CSW will be held from March 12th to 23rd in New York City. On the surface, this event claims to focus on helping rural women with their unique struggles and hardships. However, beneath the surface, we find the real agenda.

Organizers are demanding:
• abortion as a universal human right;
• free access to abortion for all women and girls;
• comprehensive sex-ed, even for girls under age five;
• acceptance and promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, and the new gender ideology.

Many of the more liberal UN member states (including Canada), are expected to push for this agenda. Groups like International Planned Parenthood are salivating over it. At stake are billions of dollars in development aid.

I will be attending this CSW, along with an international CitizenGO team. There, in New York, I will be representing you, our Canadian constituents. We will be actively working to counter the liberal narrative that claims that what women need most is abortion and sexual liberation. Rather, we will be pushing to make real health care, education, clean water, and alleviating poverty the top priorities of this CSW.

I have seen life in third world countries firsthand. My wife and I spent six months volunteering with children in Honduras. The women we met needed hope, healthcare, and a hand up. They did not need (and did not want) outsiders undermining their Christian values, faith, and personal dignity. And I am sure the same goes for many other rural women across the globe.

We need your help going into this CSW event. We are gathering signatures on an international petition which we plan to present in New York. This petition calls on the UN to get its priorities straight and stop pushing a liberal social agenda on the rural women of this world.

Without your help and prayers, we will not be able to stop this harmful agenda! Please sign the petition now, and be sure to share it with your family and friends. The more Canadians who sign, the bigger the impact we will have at the UN.

Here is the full text of our statement to the United Nations for the CSW event.

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