Parliamentary Pro-Life Week in Review

It was awesome to journey to Parliament Hill during this Holy Week for the first-ever Parliamentary Pro-Life Week. We experienced much encouragement and fellowship in our ongoing fight for life, family, and freedom in Canada. It was a real blessing to be in Ottawa!

This Pro-Life Week was hosted by the Pro-Life Caucus – a group of around 30 pro-life MPs from all across Canada. (It is awesome to know that these men and women are htere on the Hill!) MP Arnold Viersen and his team expertly co-ordinated all the details.

CitizenGO was joined by a number of key national pro-life groups including Campaign Life Coalition, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Physicians for Life, ARPA, My Canada, and others. We had the chance to connect with MPs and with one another. We discussed current issues, planned strategies, and got motivated to move forward together.

At one of our gatherings, several guest speakers helped encourage us, including one feisty young lady with Down Syndrome. Her passion for the lives of Down’s babies threatened by eugenic abortion was deeply moving. (Around 90% of Down’s babies are aborted.)

This Pro-Life Week was a particularly important opportunity for CitizenGO in Canada. Having just started up here in January, we are the “new kid on the block”. Some people never heard of us before. We had the chance to present our work, highlight our current petitions, and propose some concrete ways we can all work together. There is now a lot of excitement about what CitizenGO brings to the table in Canada.

During the week, we were able to have one-on-one meetings with various MPs – Cathay Wagantall, Garnett Genuis, David Anderson, and Harold Albrecht. We also met with the staff of MP Ted Falk. My wife, kids, and I offered a very personal face to MPs on behalf of the tens of thousands of Canadians who have signed our various petitions – which is important. We were able to show them the real people and real concerns behind all those online signatures.

Now that Pro-Life Week has wrapped up, we look forward to getting back to our “normal” routine all the more encouraged and motivated to keep fighting the good fight.

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