CitizenGO is Marching for Life May 10th

Without a doubt, the heat is on for pro-lifers across this great Dominion. Just consider this… Bubble zones are popping up across the land, blocking our peaceful, prayerful, life-saving witness. Summer jobs funding is being denied to any groups that espouse preborn human rights. Health care providers are being pressured to be complicit in abortion and euthanasia. Our country has committed to fund abortion overseas […]

Shutting Up Pro-Lifers in Alberta

Goodbye freedom of speech in Alberta! With the imminent passage of Bill 9 under Rachel Notley and her NDP government, Alberta is clamouring to join the ranks of BC, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland in imposing new draconian restrictions on its citizenry. Albertans will be forbidden from exercising their full constitutional rights within certain designated “bubble zones” around abortionists’ killing centres, offices, and homes. These bubble […]

Liberals Double Down on Discriminatory Summer Jobs Attestation

As expected, Liberal MPs banded together on March 19th to defeat the Conservative motion against the discriminatory Summer Jobs attestation. Christians, pro-lifers, and people of conscience will continue to be treated as second-class citizens by the Trudeau government. However, we were encouraged to see one Liberal MP (Scott Simms) and one NDP MP (David Christopherson) break ranks and vote for a change of the staus […]