Ontario Votes June 7th

For 15 years, the people of Ontario have endured the grand liberal experiment – launched by Dalton McGuinty in 2003, and accelerated by Kathleen Wynne in 2013. While we might cringe over the liberals’ reckless spending, burdensome tax and hydro rate increases, and crushing debt-load, their most heinous offence, by far, has been the social and moral chaos they unleashed. This is especially evident under […]

We Marched for Life!

Thousands of Canadians came out to take a stand for life at the annual national March for Life in Ottawa May 10th – and CitizenGO was there in force! We rallied on Parliament Hill and marched through the streets of our nation’s capital to call for an end to the greatest atrocity in our country’s history. Over 100,000 babies are murdered each year through the […]