Christians Can Now Be Arrested for Being Christians

I never thought it would come to this in Canada – the “true north, strong and free”. A Christian finds himself arrested for simply living out and sharing his Christian faith, based on the teachings and example of Christ and the apostles! Mr. Bill Whatcott, a Christian activist from Alberta, has been charged by Toronto Police with “public incitement of hatred”. He surrendered peaceably June […]

The Road to Sexual Anarchy

They said it would never happen. I well remember the proponents of same-sex “marriage” in the early 2000s vociferously claiming that redefining marriage would never lead to the legalization of polygamy or other forms of relational abuse or sexual deviancy. And it would never hurt our freedom of religion or conscience. By going from “the union of one man and one woman” to “the union […]

The LGBT Push for Cultural Dominance

The new secular religion in Canada has decreed that June is LGBT Pride month, and every soul must celebrate – else you be shunned or excommunicated from society. Whether you are an average TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) commuter, or you attend a Toronto-area public school, or you work at Toronto City Hall, you must give obeisance. The propaganda is being unleashed. The rainbow flag is […]