Fighting Back Against Judicial Activism

More and more often we find ourselves fighting on two different fronts in the culture war. First, there is the battle of the ballot box – where we fight on the grassroots level to win hearts and minds to the pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom cause. We talk to our friends and neighbours. We share our concerns. We speak out for truth and righteousness. And in many […]

“No Disclosure” Means “Something to Hide”?

Events took a surprising turn as Bill Whatcott appeared in court today at the College Park Courthouse, Toronto. Bill has been charged with public incitement to hatred for peaceably handing out Gospel literature at a Gay Pride parade. The Crown has refused to provide full disclosure, citing “Attorney General privilege”. However, without disclosure, Bill’s lawyer, Dr. Lugosi, will not be told the basis for the […]

$2,875. The Price of a Human Life in Canada

An Ontario judge has just decreed the monetary value of a human soul: “Justice Del Frate…decided each embryo was worth US$2,875,” according to a Financial Post article. That price tag, according to this unelected judge, is the value of our life – at least at the earliest stages of our human development. Perhaps a 5 month old preborn child might be worth more. Perhaps a […]

Why is the Mainstream Media Burying Their Heads in the Sand over Cannabis?

It appears that most mainstream media outlets are coming out with glowing endorsements of the upcoming legalization of “recreational” marijuana, set to take effect October 17th. The National Post even offers an exhaustive cannabis section with dozens of articles brimming with excitement over the supposed financial and personal “benefits” cannabis has to offer. One would think this illicit drug is the greatest thing since sliced […]