“No Disclosure” Means “Something to Hide”?

Events took a surprising turn as Bill Whatcott appeared in court today at the College Park Courthouse, Toronto. Bill has been charged with public incitement to hatred for peaceably handing out Gospel literature at a Gay Pride parade. The Crown has refused to provide full disclosure, citing “Attorney General privilege”. However, without disclosure, Bill’s lawyer, Dr. Lugosi, will not be told the basis for the charges, which will make it very hard to mount a defence. (He will not be told why Bill was deemed to have committed a hate crime, so he will not know exactly what he is fighting against.)

Dr. Lugosi is now asserting there was an “abuse of process” when the charge was laid, which means he believes it was politically motivated and not based in fact. Despite this, the Crown is persisting in its prosecution of Bill. It is more imperative than ever that we call on the new Attorney General, Caroline Mulroney, to drop this absurd charge against Bill! (Sign the petition here: http://bill.citizengo.ca)

Here is the Crown’s statement to Dr. Lugosi: “The Crown’s position is that there was no abuse of process in laying the wilful promotion of hatred charge against Mr. Whatcott; the Crown will oppose your abuse of process application. Further, the Crown’s position remains that the materials put before the Attorney General in considering whether or not to consent to laying this charge will not be disclosed, as they constitute confidential legal advice and are privileged.”

Here is a video interview with Bill which was recorded after today’s hearing: https://youtu.be/sVvxKIimVEo

A new court date was set for October 4th in Toronto.

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