Petition Delivered to the INCB in Vienna

Over the next two weeks, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) will be meeting in Vienna, Austria. This is an anti-drug oversight group appointed by the United Nations nearly 60 years ago. Its role is to ensure governments (like Canada) stay true to their treaty obligations – to keep their citizens safe from drugs. As part of their agenda at this meeting, they will be […]

Ontario Parents: Speak Up NOW!

Ontario Parents, Guardians, and Taxpayers: Here is your golden opportunity to give some positive, pro-family, traditional-values input into the next sex-ed curriculum, which is currently being drafted. Anyone can sign up and fill out the survey. Here is the link: Let’s be sure to flood the Ministry of Education with responses that demand they safeguard our children’s innocence, teach biology not ideology, and promote […]

Anti-Pot Protest

CitizenGO and other likeminded groups are holding rallies in Vancouver and Toronto to protest the legalization of so-called recreational marijuana on October 17th, 2018. Here are the details: TORONTO RALLY Date and Time: Wednesday, October 17th from NOON to 1 PM. Location: 2263 Kingston Road, Toronto (in front of Liberal MP Bill Blair’s constituency office. Mr. Blair is the Minister of Border Security and Organized […]

Mary Wagner Human Rights Heroine

For those unfamiliar with the name Mary Wagner, let me introduce her to you. Mary is one of Canada’s unsung pro-life heroines, walking in the footsteps of pro-life greats like Linda Gibbons. Mary, who is 44 years old, has spent nearly five years of her life in jail. Her “crime”? She dared to offer hope and healing to abortion-minded women inside the doors of abortuaries. […]