Hospitals Are Now Selling Euthanasia to Patients

The slippery slope is a lot slipperier than we ever imagined! Look what has happened in just two short years… We have gone from euthanasia being illegal (criminal homicide), to it being legalized in only the most extreme and rare of circumstances, to it being proactively “sold” to ALL patients in advertising in hospital waiting rooms. Take a look at this ad being run in […]

BC Government Funds Mutilations

According to a recent BC government press release, plans are in the works to publicly fund surgeries designed to mutilate healthy men and women in BC. These “complex lower surgeries” will effectively remove and reconfigure normal, healthy male and female sex organs using plastic surgery. This is an appalling and irresponsible announcement from the NDP government of John Horgan. The BC government is bowing to […]

Praying for Asia Bibi in Toronto

We will be gathering at the Pakistani Consulate in Toronto to pray and take a stand in support of Asia Bibi, a Christian who has endured years of imprisonment in Pakistan for her commitment to Christ. Asia was a poor farmhand. She, her husband, and their five children were the only Christian (Catholic) family in their small rural village. The rest of the village was […]