INCB Report Slams Trudeau (Indirectly)

Just over two weeks ago, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) concluded their 123rd session in Vienna, Austria. On the agenda was the recent legalization of so-called “recreational cannabis” in Canada.

The INCB, along with other international bodies and partners, have resoundingly denounced the Trudeau government for blatantly violating its treaty obligations.

Under three UN treaties, nations across the globe (including Canada) have agreed to protect their citizens – and all mankind – from the social, economic, and physical harms posed by illicit drugs like cocaine, opium, heroine, and cannabis. The non-medical (i.e. recreational) production, distribution, and sale of these drugs is strictly illegal, according to the treaties, while bona fide medical uses are permitted.

Treaty signatories, like Canada, are supposed to be “concerned with the health and welfare of mankind…recognizing that addiction to narcotic drugs constitutes a serious evil for the individual and is fraught with social and economic danger to mankind…” (Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs).

And yet, heedless of this danger, and desiring to profit off the enslavement of its citizens, the Canadian government – under Justin Trudeau’s leadership – has legalized, normalized, and taken its cut in the production, trade, and distribution of cannabis. Instead of stopping the drug pushers, they have joined forces with them.

That doesn’t make cannabis any less illicit; it just makes the entire government corrupt!

The INCB president, Dr. Viroj Sumyai, issued a statement toward the end of their meeting in Vienna last month. In a not-so-subtle jab at Mr. Trudeau, Dr. Sumyai said: “it remains that the legalization and regulation of controlled substances for non-medical [i.e. recreational] purposes is a clear violation of the international drug control legal framework and undermines respect for the agreed international legal order. Were it to turn a blind eye to this, the Board would not be fulfilling its mandate, which is to monitor the compliance of States Parties with their international legal obligations under the conventions as they are written.”

Dr. Sumyai also described a false narrative that some countries (read: Canada) have been propagating. This false narrative claims that anti-drug laws do more harm than good – they somehow create the problem. To this, Dr. Sumyai replies: “This narrative has been used by special interest groups and advocates promoting the legalisation of the non-medical use of drugs, particularly cannabis…[This is] a means to deflect responsibility from failed approaches to drug control that were adopted at the national level.”

In other words, Trudeau has been spinning a yarn to pander to special interests and pass the buck over his own ineptitude in fighting illicit drugs. What a rebuke!

We should be very pleased with the results of the INCB meeting and the statement of the INCB president. I sincerely believe that all of our efforts have produced a dramatic impact. Thank you for your help and prayers!

Read the statement of the INCB president here:

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