Speaking the Truth in Love

We are facing a crisis in this country – a crisis in our freedom to SPEAK THE TRUTH. And I’m not just talking about the muzzling of cabinet ministers or the obfuscation of our prime minster . Consider the Father Tony case… A 83 year old priest is charged with a crime for silently holding a free speech sign in a pro-abort “bubble zone”. Consider […]

DC Comics Cancels Blasphemous Comic Series!

I have a tremendous victory to share with you! As a result of our “Second Coming” petition, DC Comics has responded by pulling the plug on this new anti-Christian series, scheduled for release next month! Our petition went viral and spread quickly through social media and email. It was initially released on January 15th, but in less than a month, it received 228,000 signatures. CitizenGO […]

Being a Squeaky Wheel for a Righteous Cause

Mike Rothfeld of the Institute of Applied Conservative Leadership was the keynote speaker during our recent CitizenGO retreat in Berlin, Germany. One of Mr. Rothfeld’s main points really resonated with me. He said: “Unless you are politically feared, you will not be politically respected.” In other words, if we, as social conservatives and Christians, sit back and disengage from the political arena, then our political […]