Being a Squeaky Wheel for a Righteous Cause

Mike Rothfeld of the Institute of Applied Conservative Leadership was the keynote speaker during our recent CitizenGO retreat in Berlin, Germany. One of Mr. Rothfeld’s main points really resonated with me. He said: “Unless you are politically feared, you will not be politically respected.”
In other words, if we, as social conservatives and Christians, sit back and disengage from the political arena, then our political leaders will (most likely) ignore us. The issues that are important to us will be sloughed off, and we will see our country continue down the corrupt and immoral path it is presently taking.
The squeaky wheels – which, at the moment, are the voices of the Radical Left – will get all the attention. Whereas all the “nice” and compliant people on the Right will be bypassed.
If we do not want to be ignored – if we think our issues are absolutely imperative (which they are), then we must stand up and speak out. We must present our position with boldness – fearlessly speaking the truth in love. Our political leaders need to know we care and our votes count!

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