Speaking the Truth in Love

We are facing a crisis in this country – a crisis in our freedom to SPEAK THE TRUTH.

And I’m not just talking about the muzzling of cabinet ministers or the obfuscation of our prime minster .

  • Consider the Father Tony case… A 83 year old priest is charged with a crime for silently holding a free speech sign in a pro-abort “bubble zone”.
  • Consider the Bill Whatcott “hate crime” trial…A Christian activist is charged with inciting hatred just because he passed out leaflets to urgently call homosexuals to repent and be saved.
  • Consider Morgane Oger’s human rights complaint (also targeting Bill Whatcott)…Oger claims that the following statement of Bill’s is ILLEGAL and HATEFUL: “The truth is there are only two genders, male and female, and they are God-given and unchangeable.”
  • Consider the Canada Summer Jobs debacle wherein thousands of everyday camps, community organizations, churches, and small businesses were barred from a regular federal grant because they refused to renounce their pro-life and pro-family beliefs.
  • Consider the Ontario couple that was banned from being foster parents because they told a social worker about their Christian faith.
  • Consider the “Let God Be True – LGBT” Christian event in BC that was barred from its venue because it was deemed “offensive”.
  • Consider the Christian private schools in Alberta that are being forced to either change their Bible-based policies to conform to the LGBT agenda or shut down.
  • Consider the muzzling of students and professors on our university campuses.

SPEAKING THE TRUTH is becoming a very hazardous thing.

This is no small and insignificant issue! We are witnessing a full-on, no-holds-barred, frontal assault on the core values and bedrock principles that make our Dominion truly “glorious and free”.

Our freedom of conscience and religion, of thought, belief, opinion and expression, of peaceful assembly, of association – all of our so-called “fundamental” Charter rights are being pummelled to death. Often in the name of make-believe, alternative “sexual rights”.

That is why we want to launch a special “made-in-Canada” initiative this year. We want to promote a powerful and positive message that, we hope and pray, will speak to our friends and family, our neighbours , and (particularly in this election year) our politicians (and would-be politicians). Hey, we’d love it if even our opponents got on board!
This is the message: SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE.

Speaking the Truth in Love

It’s short. It’s impactful. It’s positive.

And it asserts our basic Charter right to peaceably speak our minds and present the truth – no matter how unpopular or inconvenient it may be.

All we want is the freedom to speak the truth in love.

That is all! Who would have thought that’s such an odd-ball request?! Well, it is these days. Nevertheless, that is what each one of us has been called to do. (Check out Ephesians 4:15).

Our prime minister has been feeling the sting of “inconvenient truth” lately, as he works to do damage control in light of the recent SNC-Lavalin scandal. Truth bites. Its opponents want it silenced or kept locked up in back rooms or private quarters. But we know that it is the truth that sets men free – and we need to be free to share it!

We want to speak the TRUTH – without fear of arrest, without fear of reprisal, without fear of being targetted , bullied, harassed, or demeaned.

To that end, we plan to step up our freedom-oriented campaigns this year. We will focus on more petitions and more actions to tackle this issue. We will plan more rallies, network with more freedom-loving Canadians, and meet with more political leaders.

I also want to mention that we have produced large, round 5-inch vinyl stickers that we want to get into your hands. (It’s the same as the image up above.)

These stickers are perfect for the back bumper of your car, truck, or tractor-trailer! They can go on the front door of your home or business. Or you can find other creative uses. We just want to get this message out there!

To get yours, please write us at the following snail mail address and enclose a donation of $2 per sticker. NOTE: This offer is NOT available on-line.

CitizenGO, Box 1736 Stn Main, Woodstock, ON N4S 0B1

55 responses to “Speaking the Truth in Love”

  1. Samy Demian says:

    I agree to be free in explaining our point of view.

  2. Gayle Garrow says:

    ALL should have the right to speak

  3. john lipton says:

    Deplorable situation.

  4. Brian Plum says:

    As Darkness takes over our nation, those in the Light need to be bold as the Spirit gives us opportunity.

  5. Marie Best says:


  6. R. Ferrier says:

    There has been a spiritual war taking place around the globe for thousands of years.
    The fight for freedom is not new but generational.
    Freedom of speech with out malice is everyone’s right !

  7. Linda Zimmerman says:

    We need to speak up and tell the truth. We are losing the freedom of speech and it will only get worse. Satan is working very hard to quiet us down. He wants to instill fear so that there is no opposition against lies, the persecution that he is sending us through those that hate truth and righteousness.

  8. Dennis Lagrange says:

    This the face of gross evil attempting to destroy truth and overthrow freedom of speech. We must ally ourselves with all Christians Jews Muslims and all people who acknowledge natural law of creation that we are created male and female. We do not have to put up with this insanity. This is pure fascism

  9. Freeman Jones says:

    Sadly, we in Canada, since Justin Trudeau and his Clown Posey team have been governing, have been subjected to his own demented, ultra socialist, extreme left, perverted views.

    He has used his time in office to push his own perverted agenda and normalization of homosexuality, self mutilation in the form of gender transformation, and the gender neutralizing of our society.

    Justin Trudeau has been relentless, along with his allies like the CBC, in promoting his warped personal agenda and expecting all Canadians to embrace the twisted transformation of natural humanity.

    Rather then focusing on the job that we pay him to do, which entails managing the economy, environment, health care and public safety, he has spent his time pursuing his own personal agenda.

    Justin Trudeau and his Extreme Left Ultra Socialist Party are a danger to the future of a successful and civilized Canadian society.

    We must do all that we can to see that he does not have another day as Prime Minister, after the October election.

    • Barbara Cartile says:

      You have said it very well Freeman Jones, and I could not have said it better.

      I would like to make a suggestion to all Canadians with regard to the new homosexual coin that is being forced upon us.

      Please, do not accept this coin as legitimate Canadian currency. Refuse it, or if you find that you have it in your possession, then take it to your bank and demand they take it back in exchange for real Canadian money. If we refuse to accept it, the Mint will have to stop issuing it.

      Justin Trudeau may approve of this disgusting lifestyle, but he cannot force it down our throats. We must fight him with all means available to us.

    • Lulu says:

      No group should be above others.

    • Frank says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you…you have perfectly summed up Canada’s fearless “leader”.

  10. Fenny vandergugten says:

    Thankyou for fighting for the truth
    The more you do the harder evil fights back. That’s a good sign! The logo is a great idea. I have one on my car to make people aware there’s no abortion law in Canada . It’s amazing how few people are aware of this. May God bless your efforts and keep you safe

  11. Ross Roberts says:

    I i totally agree

  12. Wageh says:

    Thank you for what you are doing and i am ( and I am sure others like me) is behind you efforts

  13. Qui croit au FILS a la VIE ÉTERNELLE ; mais qui DÉSOBÉIT au FILS ne verra pas la VIE , mais la colère de DIEU demeure sur lui. Jean 3,36 .

  14. Adele says:

    Thank you for speaking the true in Love. After reading the comments you faced on Facebook – very easy to see WHO is hateful and vile!! God Bless all who have the courage to stand for the Truth!

  15. Andre Khalil says:

    Apparently, it is hateful to critique a pro-LGBT dollar coin, but it is NOT hateful to shut down Canadian Christians for sharing their perspective.
    I am also reminded of the attacks our brothers and sisters face all around the world: the bombings of churches

  16. susan staynor says:

    Im not religious but I do believe that everyone should be able to speak . There will always be that minority that will blast at you ,use fowl language,thats their education. Do not fall for their bulling tactics.Minorities like the L-what ever, who have been ,whinning and crying the last few years are the minority part. The people I know and family member in 32 yr.relashionship fine them an bore. Losers are always a bore ,cause they can,t stop whinning. Its regrettable that media plays such an obvious roll in inciting hate. If you don’t think like them your handed a lot of made up names especially to scare you off. Do not let them scare you . Christians have the right to their religionbeliefs so do not be scared of by the bullies out there that are pretty much brain dead.Unfortunately our Canadian media is run by Liberals, Paid for by all our taxes but still spew out false news,incorrect news views all in an attempt to keep their agenda. The coin is the coin ,they are a needy bunch. The coin is a vote getting tactic, as usual, launched at the perfect time. L GBetc. have been on earth as long as the human has existed. They have always had the same right as everyone else.

  17. Ken Mashinter says:

    The gays and me Jan’s want to be heard but don’t offer that same freedom back. I will deject this’s loonies and ask for quarters instead. If we all do that. There will be a definite message sent. This is NOT my Canada that is portrayed!

  18. Lesleon Brown says:

    Stay strong. My prayers are with you and your efforts.

  19. Yvonne Palmer says:

    I agree with Freeman Jones .
    This government must go !!

  20. Reginald Smith says:

    As a Christian (now finally a Catholic Christian) I have known since I was young that we are in spiritual warfare.
    Until recently I’ve always taken that to be something personal … fighting for my own salvation (“… work out your salvation in fear and trembling…”)
    Satan is now fighting out in the open (and I suppose always has been).
    This social upheaval should have taken generations to establish, but it is being done in a matter of years. This is not natural. It is supernatural.
    Thank you for your work at Citizen GO. We must fight out in the open AND (especially) fight by working on our personal holiness.
    Dominus vobiscum,

    • Ruth Lipsy says:

      Amen to the above. Thank you for leading this group. May we all speak the truth in love and fight for personal holiness!

  21. David says:

    Totally agree

  22. Andrea says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth, we as the church of CHRIST are supposed to be the salt of the world, by no compromising the truth.

  23. Val G says:

    I for one will not be accepting this coin. If it is handed to me I will hand it back and ask for quarters or a different loonie or small change. I do not want to have this money in my possession, to me it could mean that I agree with these gay rights movement. What about my rights? It appears that my rights as a Caucasian and a believer in Christ have been torn away from me and I am not allowed to voice my opinions. My freedom of speech has been stolen and compromised by the Liberal Trudeau government. Hopefully the majority of Canadians will recognize this foolish man for the hate and division he has instilled in our country and will make sure he never sets foot in parliament again.

  24. Daniel Largy says:

    I believe that when a person knows they are living an illusive life (not a natural way of expressing their natural genetic based human characteristic as a natural male or female, they become frustrated and angry, when they hear the truth.

    Yes the truth will set them free from this bondage, so that person can live a truly happy life, and they will truly be very gay (happy).

    Daniel Largy

  25. Karen Rowland says:

    ..So sorry to you receiving such evil comments. ♫ WE SHALL OVERCOME SOME DAY ♫
    Out of love we have the right to speak our faith and love for the Lord our God. God bless Canada !!

  26. Elizabeth Houston says:

    I want to say Thank You for the work you are doing in this nation of Canada and around the world. Thank you for your boldness and your compassion. I support you for the difference you are making and pray that God will continue to give you and us the boldness to continue to Speak The Truth In Love.

  27. Jesse says:

    Thank you for standing up for Christ and Christian moral truths. Unfortunately in this country freedom of speech no longer exists and a type of totalitarian liberalism now dominates. You can have an opinion as long as it coincides with what the liberal leftists are spewing and like any totalitarian government if you disagree say goodbye. So much for “diversity and multiculturalism”.

  28. jody aubin says:

    I also am sick and tired of having homosexual crap in my face every way I turn, I believe it is just a legal way to have unforgivable perverted sex. I am also sick, sick to my soul that parents are actually turning there young children into this perverted way of life by forcing hormone therapy on these young souls instead of trying to lead them on the right path till they are 18 and can make up there own minds, hopefully getting through the stuff the schools are trying to turn the children of today into these perverts. sorry if this sounds brutal to some but these are my real feelings. I am also very upset for the legalization of smoking pot, it horrible to make legal drugs that will harm are youth. Which I believe this government has done so to help promote there homo sexual agenda. Keep the children’s minds messed up so there decision making is impaired, which in the future will cause the child to be full of hate and bitterness and sickening regret.

    • saloma Smith says:

      We are living in the End Times Jesus is coming soon for His Bride . Let us present the Gospel, a positive message. Let us not be bemoaning the darkness, but rather use our every bit of strength and our finances to preach the Gospel of Light. The best way to dispel the darkness is to bring on the Light. Complaining does not take much wisdom nor does it cost. We must be wise and use every means possible to make the message of salvation known so people in our town can know who Christ is and how they can come to Him.
      Saloma Smith

  29. Abe Dyck says:

    Tank you for speaking the truth, i agree we should have the right to speak

  30. Ron says:

    I was born in a country where free speech was a right of everyone. That would be CANADA. Free speech now seems to be slotted to those who yell out obscenities at those they disagree with as” it is their right “. Up is down and down is up. Pray for eyes ears and hearts to be opened.

  31. William says:

    Pray that their hearts soften and that they realize we love them as we were told to by Jesus Christ himself. We need to stand for truth and let it shine. Pray brothers and sisters let the Holy Spirit reveal the truth in love.

  32. Irene Froese says:

    – GO CITIZEN GO!!!!! Press on, God’s people are finally standing up for truth, & desire to ‘have your back’. 😀 Please take the time to listen to Andrew Klavan
    an excellent talk on speaking truth, dispelling fear, knowing each seed planted is a potential Kingdom Growth.
    WWG1We Go All.
    God’s LIght LIfe and Love be to all.

  33. Carl and Madeleine Ostopchuk says:

    It is indeed a tragedy when people of faith can no longer speak the truth about God’s natural laws. We are living at a time when it appears that “wrong is right and right is wrong”. Our free speech is eroding if we allow radicals take relieve us of it. They seem to encounter no opposition in their “freedoms” but they wish to limit ours. We must stand up for what we believe is right or we become part of what is wrong! We know what happened to Sodom and Gomorrha!

  34. Elias abdelnour says:

    Citizen go is our pride

  35. Tally Pierce says:

    The people affected by this ban have my heartfelt empathy and concern. Though I don’t share all of the beliefs indicated by CitizenGo, I do support freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Unfortunately, extreme censorship has come to Canada, and it has negatively impacted fairness in the entire arena of human rights. The full dialogue regarding the significance of this coin is NOT being allowed in or by mainstream media. When it comes to freedom of speech and assembly, mankind lives in an unbalanced world – where speech controls and opinion leaders are orchestrated by mainstream media, which in turn is controlled by left wing platforms and their Hidden Hands. In politics and society, much more can be done to fully elucidate issues of rights and speech, and to protect basic free speech rights of every citizen and every legal resident – not just left-leaning people and groups, and not just members of certain select, politically-in-vogue minorities. CitizenGo does not hate, or promote hate. It is a light shining in the darkness, a darkness that will not last. I saw this ban-action coming … it happened because of deadly polarization: Let’s build a better world with fair and balanced dialogue, less fear, and higher consciousness.

  36. Marie says:

    We as a family are so behind you! Keep fighting keep strong and keep the FAITH! May GOD work a miracle here that He may be praised!

  37. Judy Pelletier says:

    The Further People Get from The Lord, The More Paranoid They Become. God loved us before we were saved, and at that time we were His enemy’s agreeing with and promoting the worlds agenda. Don’t forget to pray for and bless your enemy’s and pray for our leaders.

  38. William Bohlender says:

    I agree with the comments that have been made. I could not say more any better. Bill

  39. Itam says:

    I am a follower of Christ and totally support speaking the truth in love. Our Lord was always full of grace and truth. Thank you for your courage in doing this. You are in my prayers.

  40. David Wipf says:

    A small minority got the Christian faith going by being obedient to the HOLY SPIRIT through preaching the word. We are the majority and Christ is our authority, so what are we afraid of. I have a call to action: lets stop being complacent, be a leader and get your whole church active, give out the truth at work and wherever else you go, lets stop being cowards and start taking some hits. This is my heart’s cry and my hope for all peoples of all nations, tongues and tribes. Oh how glorious, oh how glorious, is the ARMY of our
    living God, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!!

  41. Diane Stricker says:

    Thank you for all you do Citizen Go!!! You are brave and we stand behind you. 🙂

  42. Gisèle A Demers says:

    This country has been founded by missionaries of the faith whom have given their life for the faith….we must never forget that.

  43. Adrian Frati says:

    May the Lord Jesus bless you David and the entire Citizen Go team for your hard work for His Love, Redemption and Salvation to be spread in Canada and all other nations. You are in our prayers.

  44. Lorna Froese says:

    I agree with what Citizen Go is instilling. Truth is what people seek and yet so many run from it. Satan promotes fear but God is Love and there is no fear in Love.
    People that do evil need a heart transformation. When realizing the sacrifice Christ made for each one by the shedding of His blood; then how can anyone deny the power of His resurrection Life? Christ created all and has a purpose for all creation so we as His creation need to stand bold and fearless in obedience to His perfect will of sending out the message of salvation to all mankind. His grace is sufficient for all and His desire is that all come to faith and repentance of sin. May we be faithful as believers and stand for Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We await His soon return for the signs are evident. Thank you to all who raise up the banner for Christ’s sake.

  45. THEDDY ARISU says:

    The truth is a bitter pill, only the brave can swallow it. It is only by the special gift of God that we speak and stand by the truth no matter whose ox is gored.

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