United Nations Craziness at CSW63

The 63rd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is now well underway. Official government delegates from all across the globe began meeting on Monday at UN headquarters in New York City, and will continue until next Friday (March 22nd).

You may not have heard much about CSW, but it is a tremendously important global policy-making initiative. It dictates the terms for many UN programmes, and will have a huge impact on billions of dollars of foreign aid spending.

In theory, CSW is ostensibly about addressing the most urgent needs of women and girls in developing countries – the need for clean water, sanitation, food and shelter, education, maternal care, and basic human rights.

However, every year, leftist and globalist bureaucrats, with the help of western-liberal governments (like Canada), commandeer this event to push for some of the most extreme and obscene policies. For example, CSW organizers are demanding:

  • abortion as a universal human right;
  • unlimited access to birth control, including abortifacients;
  • explicit sex-ed for all children down to age 3;
  • full normalization of homosexuality and gender fluidity.

A radical agenda is being foisted on delegates with men painted as the enemy and western-liberal values proffered as the snake-oil cure-all.

Just yesterday, Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN, bemoaned the “fact” that we live in a ‘male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture.’ Then he made this radical statement: “Power is not given, power is taken…We have to push back…because people do not like power being taken”. In other words, women must join in imposing his western-liberal ideology on the world and ‘take power’ from men by force.

Sound crazy? That’s what the UN is pushing. A radical leftist agenda. Big government solutions. The neo-colonialism of western-liberal values.

CitizenGO campaigners Ann Kioko (Africa) and Gregory Mertz (US) are, even now, on the scene at CSW. They are walking the halls of the UN, speaking with delegates, raising questions at meetings, exposing lies, and calling on nation-states to stand firm for preborn life, the natural family, and protecting our children. They are also liaising with other pro-life and pro-family entities.

Next week I will be joining Ann and Gregory to help them in their efforts. My hope is to be an alternative voice for Canada – representing the tens of thousands of Canadian CitizenGOers like YOU who are adamently opposed to the radical agenda of the Trudeau delegation. God willing, I will be your voice at the UN, since Mr. Trudeau refuses to be.

One way that you can help us during this very pivotal CSW event is by signing our petition to the UN. This petition calls on delegates to oppose abortion, reject the LGBT agenda, and refuse explicit sex ed for toddlers. We will be presenting this petition next week – and we hope to garner as many signatures as possible!

SIGN NOW: https://www.citizengo.org/en-ca/lf/168981-protect-our-children-and-families-united-nations

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