Putting the Brakes on the Globalist Agenda at CSW63

Now that our work at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is done, I want to give you a brief summary of what we accomplished at the UN last week. With your support, prayers, and encouragement, we made a big difference. We were able to help put the brakes on the agenda of the radical left!

Together with Ann Kioko (CitizenGO Africa) and Gregory Mertz (CitizenGO USA), I spoke with numerous UN delegates, I presented our petition, I networked with other like-minded groups, and I participated in our pro-life bus campaign running on the streets of New York City.

Above: David Cooke, Ann Kioko, Gregory Mertz.

Ann Kioko was our “CitizenGO superstar” at the UN. She spoke at a number of events, was interviewed by media, and was a big hit with many young pro-lifers attending CSW. At a Vatican-hosted session within the UN, Ann had this to say: “Contrary to what the negotiators of some countries argue here…and…push on countries in the developing world, a young girl in a village like mine…does not need policies that prioritize abortion. The women carrying water cans…(and) their daughters on their back to go to hospital…need fully-equipped health centres, good schools, clothing, they need food on their tables! They need electricity. They need…proper skills so they can be good career women… I keep looking forward to that day the UN and those who are speaking and working for the women of the world will get the priorities of the women at the grassroots correct.”

Ann Kioko
Above: Lila Rose (President of Live Action), Ann Kioko, Sue Ellen Browder (authoress of Subverted). All three spoke at a Vatican-sponsored side event.

I had the opportunity to personally speak with member state delegates from Guinea, Russia, Tanzania, and the US, sharing our concerns on issues like abortion, gender ideology, and the destruction of the family. I even had a chat with the US Ambassador to the UN, Cherith Chalet, who is very much on-side with us. Ann and Gregory were also able to speak with many other key national and global influencers.

Unfortunately, the Canadian delegation once again avoided me like the plague. The Ministry of Global Affairs Canada even ignored my request for a list of who our delegates were. In other words, Canadians had no way to know who was representing them at the UN during these critical negotiations! So much for Mr. Trudeau’s policy of “transparency”!

This year’s CSW turned out to be the biggest one ever. There were over 5,000 representatives from various NGOs, along with nearly 2,000 member state delegates, and 86 ministers. This made our presence all the more critical.

We proactively encouraged delegates to boldly oppose anti-life, anti-family propositions. And many of them did! We also helped representatives of developing nations see the neo-colonialism that is taking place as western, post-modern values are being imposed onto their traditions and cultures. As well, we were a resource of information, shining light on the leftist-globalist agenda embedded in many little-known UN documents.

On the most critical night of negotiations – last Thursday – I kept vigil long after most other NGOs had left. I joked with my pro-life colleagues that the “yellow couch” was my new home. (The yellow couch was where several pro-life NGOs stationed themselves right outside the doors of Conference Room 4, where the delegates met in private. This location made it impossible for delegates to ignore us, and easy for us to reach out to delegates.)

Yellow Couch
Above: At the Yellow Couch. David Cooke, Anne Belanger (Woomb International), Emily Price and Mattea Merta (Campaign Life Coalition).

I stayed on or near that yellow couch until 6 AM Friday morning. That’s how late negotiations ran Thursday night! Three other dedicated pro-life Canadians also stuck it out with me (see above). We didn’t leave until negotiations closed and the delegates left – at 6 AM!

I believe our perseverance and commitment sent a clear and powerful message: the pro-life, pro-family voice will not go away – it will not be silent!
As it turned out, the final result of CSW63 was – for the most part – positive. I believe we can say our efforts paid off.

The “status quo” from previous years was maintained, despite the push for more nonsense from the radical left. The final document that was negotiated did not significantly advance any anti-life, anti-family proposals, and we were able to prevent a universal “right to abortion” from being established. Praise God!
It could have been better, but it also could have been much, much worse!

We also heard that there was a lot of “funny business” going on behind closed doors. C-Fam just released an article describing some of the trouble: https://c-fam.org/friday_fax/un-commission-ends-acrimony-charges-harassment-bullying/

Outside the UN, our pro-life bus made a huge impact on the streets of New York. Though the police prevented us from stopping in front of the UN after some complaints, we were still able to keep it circling the UN for delegates to see. New Yorkers, also, were able to get the message! A group of young pro-lifers joined us to rally around (and on) the bus last Friday (see below).

Pro-Life Bus

Now that CSW is over, and I am back home in Canada, I want to take the time to thank you for your support. I really felt your prayers and appreciated the sacrifices many of you made to enable me to be your voice for life and family at the UN.

It was a gruelling week on the front-lines of the culture war. We didn’t score a “huge victory”, but I can tell you that we made a big difference! And it was worth it!

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  1. Well done David. It looks like your dogged perseverance paid off. I hope now that you’re home, you’ve caught up on some well deserved sleep!

    Warm regards, Valerie

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