Parliamentary Pro-Life Week Underway!

All this week, we are joining a veritable flood of Canadian pro-life, pro-family groups meeting with parliamentarians and their staff to discuss issues and policies related to the sanctity of human life. This is a part of the “Parliamentary Pro-Life Week” (#PPLW2019) hosted by the Pro-Life Caucus on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

MP Dave Van Kesteren

I am here with my family to be the voice of you and your family on the Hill – speaking out on the issues of greatest concern to us all. So far, I have met with a number of MPs and their staff, including MP Brad Trost, MP Dave Van Kesteren (above), and MP Rachael Harder. These dedicated, hard-working souls have all personally expressed to me their commitment to work towards the protection of all preborn human life. We are so grateful God has put these individuals in place for such a time as this!

As I speak with our political leaders in Ottawa, I have a twofold goal in mind. 1) I want to introduce them to the work and scope of CitizenGO – I want to show them what a potent force for change we are, involving over 10 million CitizenGOers all around the globe. 2) I want to amplify YOUR voice, bringing to our political leaders’ attention some of our most urgent petitions, as well as our core pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom values.
So far, I have had the opportunity to discuss a number of current concerns:

• the stifling of our free speech rights,
• the hideous proposal of euthanasia for children,
• the lie of gender ideology,
• the tragic harm of cannabis legalization (and the danger of edibles),
• the need to recognize the human rights of all humans (including the preborn).

This morning, I will be meeting with the staff of Senator Don Plett to deliver a petition to the Senate in opposition to Bill S-206 – a bill which would eliminate our parental right to correct our own children!

To-night, I will attend an event hosted by the Pro-Life Caucus. Around 150 people will be gathered – including MPs, staffers, and representatives of various national pro-life organizations. There will be a reception where I will have the opportunity to introduce attendees to the work of CitizenGO.

After the reception, the Caucus has arranged for the premier Canadian screening of the new blockbuster film “Unplanned”. Before the screening, the film’s star actress, Ashley Bratcher, as well as its producer, will be present to personally introduce the film. Lord willing, this will be one of the most powerful and impactful events to occur here on the Hill!

I will wrap up the week on Friday with our protest against the new 2019 “Gay Loonie” – to be held right in front of the Royal Canadian Mint on Sussex Drive.

Please pray for us during these next few days, here, in Ottawa. We want to make the most of our time in the nation’s capital, reaching out to our political leaders, and amplifying YOUR voice. We want to see more MPs make the commitment to stand up for preborn human rights and be willing to boldly and unapologetically take action for life, family, and freedom!

David Cooke in Ottawa

Above: I did not expect to see a half-foot of snow in Ottawa yesterday!

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