Marking 50 Years of Death at the March for Life

Let me tell you about what the media chooses to ignore – the largest annual mass protest in Canada – March for Life. Hundreds of churches, schools, and pro-life groups were represented from all over the country, as thousands of pro-life Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on May 9th. Together, we were a voice for the voiceless – for the nearly 300 preborn […]

Banned and Attacked for Questioning a “Gay Loonie”

Ever since we launched our first “Gay Loonie” petition, we have received an unprecedented level of opposition from the liberal left. After our peaceful protest in front of the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa on April 12th, this opposition has only increased. Here is just a sampling of the vile and hate-filled comments we have been receiving on a daily basis: “A grossly anti-Canadian group […]