The LGBT Flag is Staking Claim to Our Cities

I want to share a version of the letter I recently penned to the City of Woodstock regarding the appearance of the “Gay Pride” rainbow flag in Museum Square – our civic gathering place. I am hoping that Christians and churches all across Canada will also express their views to their local “powers that be” on the raising of this flag over local city halls, […]

“Gay Loonie” Finally Unveiled

Finally, after over three months of secrecy, the Royal Canadian Mint has just today unveiled its new “homosexual” design for the 2019 circulation one dollar coin. Here is what our new “Gay Loonie” looks like! And it is truly far worse than we expected. This is the first time in history that any coin or bill in our Canadian currency carries a sexual theme. It […]

Putting the Brakes on the Globalist Agenda at CSW63

Now that our work at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is done, I want to give you a brief summary of what we accomplished at the UN last week. With your support, prayers, and encouragement, we made a big difference. We were able to help put the brakes on the agenda of the radical left! Together with Ann Kioko (CitizenGO Africa) and […]

United Nations Craziness at CSW63

The 63rd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is now well underway. Official government delegates from all across the globe began meeting on Monday at UN headquarters in New York City, and will continue until next Friday (March 22nd). You may not have heard much about CSW, but it is a tremendously important global policy-making initiative. It dictates the terms for many UN programmes, […]

Trudeau Government Commissions “Gay” Loonie in 2019

We are only days into 2019, but the lunacy has already begun…or should we say “loonacy”? Last month, the “virtue-signalling” government of Justin Trudeau announced a radical new design for the loonie to be released sometime in 2019. (See CBC report.) Though the specific details are being kept a secret, we have been told that the coin will be used to promote homosexuality. This loonie […]

Oger Pushes for Compelled Speech in BC

From December 11th to the 16th, Bill Whatcott was summoned before the BC Human Rights Tribunal in Vancouver concerning a complaint from “Ms.” Morgane Oger, an LGBT activist, NDP political candidate, and transsexual. This may just be a publicity stunt on the part of Oger, but it threatens the freedoms of any who would dare to speak up against the prevailing political correctness du jour. […]

INCB Report Slams Trudeau (Indirectly)

Just over two weeks ago, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) concluded their 123rd session in Vienna, Austria. On the agenda was the recent legalization of so-called “recreational cannabis” in Canada. The INCB, along with other international bodies and partners, have resoundingly denounced the Trudeau government for blatantly violating its treaty obligations. Under three UN treaties, nations across the globe (including Canada) have agreed to […]

BC Government Funds Mutilations

According to a recent BC government press release, plans are in the works to publicly fund surgeries designed to mutilate healthy men and women in BC. These “complex lower surgeries” will effectively remove and reconfigure normal, healthy male and female sex organs using plastic surgery. This is an appalling and irresponsible announcement from the NDP government of John Horgan. The BC government is bowing to […]

Petition Delivered to the INCB in Vienna

Over the next two weeks, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) will be meeting in Vienna, Austria. This is an anti-drug oversight group appointed by the United Nations nearly 60 years ago. Its role is to ensure governments (like Canada) stay true to their treaty obligations – to keep their citizens safe from drugs. As part of their agenda at this meeting, they will be […]

Ontario Parents: Speak Up NOW!

Ontario Parents, Guardians, and Taxpayers: Here is your golden opportunity to give some positive, pro-family, traditional-values input into the next sex-ed curriculum, which is currently being drafted. Anyone can sign up and fill out the survey. Here is the link: Let’s be sure to flood the Ministry of Education with responses that demand they safeguard our children’s innocence, teach biology not ideology, and promote […]