“Gay Loonie” Finally Unveiled

Finally, after over three months of secrecy, the Royal Canadian Mint has just today unveiled its new “homosexual” design for the 2019 circulation one dollar coin. Here is what our new “Gay Loonie” looks like! And it is truly far worse than we expected. This is the first time in history that any coin or bill in our Canadian currency carries a sexual theme. It […]

Trudeau Government Commissions “Gay” Loonie in 2019

We are only days into 2019, but the lunacy has already begun…or should we say “loonacy”? Last month, the “virtue-signalling” government of Justin Trudeau announced a radical new design for the loonie to be released sometime in 2019. (See CBC report.) Though the specific details are being kept a secret, we have been told that the coin will be used to promote homosexuality. This loonie […]

Bill Whatcott’s Trial Set to Resume September 20th

Today I travelled to Toronto to observe the court proceedings against Bill Whatcott, an Alberta man who has been charged with a “hate crime” for passing out Christian literature to homosexuals at the Toronto “Gay Pride” parade in 2016. Bill remarked, “I’m the first Christian arrested for putting out fliers at a gay parade.” At the core of the Christian religion is the message that […]

Bill Whatcott Update

I was chatting with Bill and Jadranka Whatcott on the phone this afternoon about Bill’s upcoming trial set to begin next Monday, July 23rd in Toronto. Jadranka said they were “just surviving” since “Bill is not employable now.” The “hate crimes” charge not only lost him his bus driving job, but it is making it impossible for him to be hired anywhere else. At the […]

Stopping the Leftist Agenda at the CSW62

Every year, the United Nations hosts an event called the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). This year’s CSW will be held from March 12th to 23rd in New York City. On the surface, this event claims to focus on helping rural women with their unique struggles and hardships. However, beneath the surface, we find the real agenda. Organizers are demanding: • abortion as […]

Canada is now discriminating against pro-life, pro-family employers

Our CitizenGO petition is ago! 43,859 signatures are on their way to the Hon. Patty Hajdu, minister of employment. After her office denied us the opportunity to present this to her in person, we have now mailed it off! Godspeed! See:  Summer Jobs Letter to Minister We are objecting to the discriminatory abortion, homosexual, and transsexual rights attestation in the Summer Jobs Grant application. This […]