Marking 50 Years of Death at the March for Life

Let me tell you about what the media chooses to ignore – the largest annual mass protest in Canada – March for Life. Hundreds of churches, schools, and pro-life groups were represented from all over the country, as thousands of pro-life Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on May 9th. Together, we were a voice for the voiceless – for the nearly 300 preborn […]

We Marched for Life!

Thousands of Canadians came out to take a stand for life at the annual national March for Life in Ottawa May 10th – and CitizenGO was there in force! We rallied on Parliament Hill and marched through the streets of our nation’s capital to call for an end to the greatest atrocity in our country’s history. Over 100,000 babies are murdered each year through the […]

CitizenGO is Marching for Life May 10th

Without a doubt, the heat is on for pro-lifers across this great Dominion. Just consider this… Bubble zones are popping up across the land, blocking our peaceful, prayerful, life-saving witness. Summer jobs funding is being denied to any groups that espouse preborn human rights. Health care providers are being pressured to be complicit in abortion and euthanasia. Our country has committed to fund abortion overseas […]