Praying for Asia Bibi in Toronto

We will be gathering at the Pakistani Consulate in Toronto to pray and take a stand in support of Asia Bibi, a Christian who has endured years of imprisonment in Pakistan for her commitment to Christ. Asia was a poor farmhand. She, her husband, and their five children were the only Christian (Catholic) family in their small rural village. The rest of the village was […]

“No Disclosure” Means “Something to Hide”?

Events took a surprising turn as Bill Whatcott appeared in court today at the College Park Courthouse, Toronto. Bill has been charged with public incitement to hatred for peaceably handing out Gospel literature at a Gay Pride parade. The Crown has refused to provide full disclosure, citing “Attorney General privilege”. However, without disclosure, Bill’s lawyer, Dr. Lugosi, will not be told the basis for the […]

Bill Whatcott Update

I was chatting with Bill and Jadranka Whatcott on the phone this afternoon about Bill’s upcoming trial set to begin next Monday, July 23rd in Toronto. Jadranka said they were “just surviving” since “Bill is not employable now.” The “hate crimes” charge not only lost him his bus driving job, but it is making it impossible for him to be hired anywhere else. At the […]